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Dollars no(n)Sense
Dollars no(n)Sense
Birth Control Pills, enamel, plexi
14 3/4" x 7 3/4" x 1/2"

"Promote the General Welfare"
The title of this series is borrowed from the first line in the US Constitution.

This project was reviewed in ARTnews Magazine and featured by the Huffington Post and Rachel Maddow.

I use expired, unwanted and placebo birth control pills as an expression of my frustration over the continuing and growing impediments to fair, safe and affordable access to birth control and other women’s services in the United States. This body of work is also a response to the many negative attitudes toward birth control that have stubbornly persisted since the pill became available in the early 1960’s.

Since May 2012, I have acquired approximately 24,000 pills; mostly through crowd-sourcing on Facebook and Twitter and thanks to various media outlets that have published my quest. I acquired the early 60’s era purses and hatbox via E-bay.

A large part of my art-making process lies in the research, the countless personal interactions, and places I go. For this project, I have spoken with and visited numerous Women’s clinics, public health clinics, pill recycling drop off areas, and drug manufacturers. I have traveled to pick up large boxes of pills and found very small packages in my mailbox. Each encounter helped shape my views and vision for the piece.

Finally, this body of work is rooted in my formative years growing up in Berkeley, California during the 70’s, where I was exposed to the women’s movement. It is also a continued homage to my father who inspired the feminist in me at an early age.

If you would like to donate your unwanted Birth Control pills (expired, placebos, missed), please email me michelepred@gmail.com As a thanks I will send you a signed print in return.