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Examining the Issue
Examining the Issue
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“Who’s Afraid of San Francisco”?
October 5 – November 16, 2006

Frey Norris gallery presents “Who’s afraid of San Francisco”, a group exhibition including nine artists.

Artist Michele Pred will be showing an art installation which examines and comments upon the decriminalization and possible legalization of Marijuana. As a part of Pred’s installation she will be cultivating a marijuana plant for the duration of the exhibition in the gallery. The artist will be growing the specimen legally; she has obtained a grower’s permit and a medical marijuana ID card with which it is legal to grow up to 6 plants for medical marijuana purposes in the state of California . In conjunction with displaying the phases of the plant growth, Pred will exhibiting her grower’s permit and ID card along with photos of the plant. Pred states, “My primary motivation for this art installation is to demystify the contemporary(cultural) issues surrounding marijuana, both as a plant and a psychotropic substance. I want to address the fears and taboos surrounding the plant, as well as promote useful dialogue concerning the legalization of marijuana”.

Pred does not promote the abuse of marijuana or any other drug.