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The Art of Equal Pay is an initiative organized by Michele Pred to confront and combat the racial and gender pay gaps for visual artists. Women-identifying and non-binary artists across the country are invited to raise their prices by 15% in order to decrease the gender and racial wage gaps in art. If you’re interested, sign up here!

Arts professionals, art collectors, gallerists, feminist and art-oriented organizations, and individual art lovers can also sign the pledge in support of women artists.

We understand that not every artist is in a position to raise their prices and/or fees—and that an individual solution cannot necessarily solve a systemic problem. Little data exists on the wage gaps in the visual arts. We believe the most important work is to increase discourse and awareness about systemic pay inequity by recording more data. We’ve launched a survey to collect data from artists of all genders in order to gain more information about the wage gaps in art and how they impact artists who are marginalized based on their race, gender identity, and sexual orientation. This is the first study of this kind for visual artists. Click here to take the survey.

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