Michele Pred
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The Art of Equal Pay
The Art of Equal Pay is a year-long initiative organized by Michele Pred to confront and combat the gender pay gap for visual artists. On Equal Pay Day (March 31, 2020), women artists across the country raised their rates by 15% in protest of the gender wage gap in art during its first activation. The Art of Equal Pay will challenge and enlist arts professionals, art collectors and gallerists, feminist and art-oriented organizations, and individual art lovers and activists to pledge to support them.

Originally designed as a one-day campaign, Pred restructured The Art of Equal Pay after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the U.S. to give women artists opportunities to participate without further risking their economic security. The Art of Equal Pay will now run through Equal Pay Day in 2021, and artists will activate throughout the next year, raising their rates permanently or even for just one day to raise awareness about the gender wage gap in the arts.